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What are cells?

Cells make up all the bodies tissue and organs such as heart, liver, brain, and skin. Cells serve both a structural and a functional role in the body, performing a wide range of actions to ensure the body is working in a normal and healthy state.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells can divide and change into particular types of cells, which under controlled conditions can   grow into organs, bones, cartilage and tissue. Developed stem cells can work on repairing the immune system. Stem cells create replacement cells  for those that are lost or damaged by injury or disease.

What are tooth stem cells?

Tooth   stem   cells   are   stem   cells   found   in   the ‘deciduous’ or ‘baby’ teeth of children. Recent studies show that baby teeth stem cells appear  to  have  the  ability  to  develop  into  more types  of  body  tissue  than  other  types  of  stem cells.  This  difference  opens  the  door  to  more therapeutic applications.

How long do I have to get the tooth to you from when it becomes loose?

Once ifs fallen out, you have 48 hours to get the tooth to our laboratory

What happens if I stop paying the storage fees?

If you stop paying the storage fees, we reserve the right to remove the cells from storage.

What happens if you cannot extract any tooth stem cells from my child’s tooth?

We  will  send  you  a  letter  immediately  informing you the process has been unsuccessful. If your child still has viable teeth left, then we will complete the process again free and as part of our service.

What happens if I need access to the tooth stem cells?

You will need to send us a written request with details of your medical doctor or hospital manager. They will be responsible for collecting the cells.

Who owns my child’s tooth cells?

Ownership of the child’s tooth cells belongs to the parent or legal guardian until the child’s 20th birthday. Then full ownership is passed to them.

How long is the sample stored for?

The sample is stored for as long as you maintain your contact with us.

How do you guarantee my child’s cells are secure and all information I give you is confidential?

Our laboratory is within a high protection building with 24 hour security personnel and limited access. As soon as we receive your order, we allocate you with a unique customer reference number also featuring your child’s name and date of birth.

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